How to Turn Your Old Android into a Security Camera

netSelling your old Android for a few odd bucks is certainly not one of the best things you can do with it. You can rather be creative with it. Like, how about turning it into a video surveillance or a motion detecting system?

We’re going to be releasing a number of articles over the coming period of weeks that would focus on how you can put your old Android into good use. This one, as mentioned, focuses on how you can turn your old Android into something as useful as a networked security camera.

Sparing a few business and those lavish apartments across the streets, not every one of us can afford the luxury of installing CCTV/sophisticated networked cameras in our homes. But, just because you can’t afford one, doesn’t mean you need one. A motion-tracking networked security camera can be a worthwhile investment, especially if you’re outdoors for most part of the day and want to receive alerts on what’s going in and around your place.

We stumbled across a very interesting tutorial posted by, which explains all the nitty-gritties of why you should setup a networked security camera and how you can use your Android phone to do it.

As per the tutorial, here’s what you would need:

  • An Android smartphone (with camera and Wi-Fi, of course)
  • A charging cable, to keep it powered up
  • A copy of IP Webcam, which can be downloaded from Play Store from Free. Download
  • Once copy of SECuRET SpyCam. (For motion specific camera captures)
  • A Wi-Fi router or access to Wi-Fi/home network local to the Android phone
  • Remote access to the Wi-Fi network for remote surveillance

The tutorial, whose link has been provided at the bottom of the article, shows two ways in which you can connect your Android device- You can either setup a continuous video surveillance system OR you can setup a motion detecting camera system. The former approach allows you to record continuous video footage, but that might require a lot of storage space. That being said, if you wish to monitor your kids while you’re away or want to be abreast of the proceedings that goes in and around your house while you’re away, this might be just what the doctor ordered.

However, if you’re just looking to keep a check on trespassers, you can go with the latter option, which is a motion detecting system. Your Android smartphone detects any motion in the covered area and immediately uploads the image to your Dropbox folder.

We have tried the tutorial personally to check if it actually works. Though there were a few initial hiccups while trying to access the video surveillance system remotely, we managed to follow up on the links provided in the guide, and successfully setup a networked security camera using our Galaxy S Duos smartphone.

If you face any difficulties while following up the guide, just shoot’em out in the comments section below. We would be more than happy to help you guys out.

Source: HowToGeek Guide on Networked Security Camera