How to enable two-step authentication on your Apple account

With the Apple ID bypass fiasco, the company is now offering a two step Authentication barrier to prevent malicious individuals from gaining access to personal information. We teach you how to keep safe in the digital world by enabling two-step authentication for your Apple ID.


  1. From your Apple computer, hit the Apple ID Settings page and click on “Manage Your Apple ID”. Login with the account you want protected.
  2. Click on the “Password and Security” option to your left to display a “Get Started” link that will guide you through authentication setup process.
  3. Once you hit the link, you are taken through a number of web pages that describe two step authentication and how it can protect your personal information on your Apple ID account.
  4. You will need to acknowledge that you have read the guidelines. You need to add a device to your account, one that will have permissions to receive your four digit code for future access. If you have different Apple Ids for App store and iCloud services, the app store account will receive the four digit code by SMS only. The iCloud account can receive the code via SMS or the Find My iPhone app. The same phone can be linked across different Apple Ids.
  5. Once Step 4 is done, your Recovery Key is generated. This helps you gain access to your Apple account if your device is stolen or you forget your password. Print out the key and store it in a secure location.
  6. You have to understand and agree that you fully comply with Apple’s policies and are aware of the implication of using two-step authentication on your account.

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