How The Playstation Changed The Gaming World

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I grew up in the era of Nintendo and Sega games. Back then, if you have the Nintendo Gameboy, you are probably the coolest kid in school. But it didn’t take long for the Sony Playstation to forever change the way the gaming world is seen.

The game console was first introduced in Japan on December 1994. Although several hardcore Nintendo and Sega fans thought the “fad” of the new console will soon die down, Sony continued to dominate the game console market since then. That eventual launch introduced a host of features that have completely amazed gamers around the world.

Aside from one of the first video game consoles that used the 32-bit operating system, Sony Playstation was also the first game console to have the dual analog controller that feature rumble capabilities (but such capabilities were removed for the versions released in the European and American markets).

Contrary to other game console controllers, the one used by Sony on their innovative console uses longer handgrips that allow users to have better control on the games. It was also one of the very few ones that created a “virtual reality” wherein gamers can manipulate video games through the use of a racing wheel controller.

Such controller is perfect for the host of car-racing video games that were popularized in the game console. The most popular of which is the Gran Turismo, which eventually also found its way to the PS2 and the PS3, as well as to the Xbox and the Nintendo Wii.

Speaking of video games, Sony’s game console was also responsible for the host of video games that have made its mark in the industry. The first multi-million video game seller for the console was the Tekken series. It used 3D models for its characters rather than the usual two-dimensional images. Also, to differentiate itself from the other consoles, it used the four attack buttons on the controller to make use of the character’s arms and legs. It was also one of the very first games that used chain attacks. Among other games that became memorable were Resident Evil which took survival horror games to a new level as well as Final Fantasy VII that is the measuring stick of modern day RPG games.

When the PS2 came into the picture in 2000, it again completely revolutionized the video game console industry. It featured a fully-functional DVD player that can play movies and music.

Finally, PS3 combined all these innovations to come up with the most current and advanced game console in the industry. Sony’s third installation of the popular console, which came out in 2006, competed with the Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii.

It was the first console to use motion controls through the use of SIXAXIS wireless controller and features such as Blu-ray disc and full high-definition resolution graphics capability. It also integrated the console’s access to a wireless network, as well as to an Ethernet port, that allows gamers all over the world to interact and play with each other. The connection to an Internet also allowed Playstation gamers to update their software without the need for rooting and wired access to the network.

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