Hotmail, Outlook, and SkyDrive service disruptions

Hotmail Outlook and Skydrive down

When Microsoft launched its new Outlook online email service, the company thought of migrating all its existing Hotmail users to the new service. The migration was optional in the beginning. You could choose if you wanted to migrate to the new and shiny Outlook email right away, or hold on to Hotmail till this becomes mandatory. But now, the company is facing problems with the new Outlook email service, and the problem is, keeping it up.

There have been several reports on social networking websites such as Twitter where users have reported to have not been able to access their email inboxes on Outlook. And with this email service, Skydrive was also down. The reason for this has been listed as maintenance outage. But that is no reason for not being able to check your email for three long hours. We all know how frustrating that is.

The Outlook status page was also reporting Hotmail, Outlook, and Skydrive as being down for some time. The issues with these services have been listed, and by the looks of it, the issues are the main functions of the services. The Hotmail and the Outlook services were supposedly facing problems with displaying all of the emails. And that is supposed to be one of the main features of the service. And the Skydrive service had issues with editing files, and that is what the service is supposed to do.

Could this be a result of the migration from the old service to this one? Well, we do not really know yet. But if this happens again in a short span of time, users are for sure going to be very furious. The Outlook Status page also tells that a similar Calendar issue was recently resolved, and the reason for this issue was also listed as maintenance. Did you also encounter this problem?

Source: Tech Crunch

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  1. I have a Samsung Galaxy SIII, running Android 4.4.2. The other day my Outlook/Hotmail updated. It seemed to work for about two days, but since then i cannot sign in to my Hotmail account. I can get to the Hotmail Sign in page, but once I put in my ID and password, all I get is a white page. I can still get to my Hotmail account on my computer, just not my phone. Any ideas?

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