HiddenApps: Best Way to Hide Apps in iOS

hidden_apps_-600x300The dynamism in the Techworld is astonishing. It looks as if the technocrats are not getting any much sleep. They keep supplying us with astounding technology which as mere consumers we can only look at them bewildered. The telephony industry is not lagging behind in itself. Everyday something new is discovered and supplied to the consumers. The companies are doing what we can refer to as healthy competition whereby they only outmuscle each other brain-wise. These companies are trying to retain their consumers base and attract more by simply intriguing their customers with new discoveries.

In as much as Apple has been criticized in the recent past for their lack of creativity in the iPhone arena. The company is still doing pretty well when it comes to supplying their customers with newer updates to their existing software and also availing new apps. One of their latest inclusions is the HiddenApps application. The HiddenApps application allows you to hide all the rarely used Apple’s apps found in your device. This app is now available in the Apple’s App Store. It is however not known for how long, so be advised to download and install it as soon as possible.

Apple users have always been faced with a hard time when it comes to hiding some of their Apple’s apps which they do not use. This however has not been the case with the jailbreak users who have performing the above task using tweaks. This app will definitely change things. Apart from simply helping you hide some of your unused apps, the app has a range of options which will allow you to perform services such as blocking iAds, and hiding stock apps found in your device.

On the flip side, these changes as you would have expected are not permanent. The Ads tend to reappear when restarting your device.


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