Hero Run –Android Game Review

1Hero Run is a special and classic landscape action running game with challenging game features. The adorable character in this game is a fat and naughty bear, who wants to break through rabbits crowds and escape from a dungeon prison. Different from Temple Run, Hero Run is a side-scrolling one. But like almost all of the running games, the goal of Hero Run is to run or fly as far and fast as you can.

The game control is simple. You don’t need to tile your phone or slide left or right on the screen like playing Temple Run. The only thing you need to do is just to keep touching on any point of your phone screen. So, you will feel comfortable for the simple controlling.

After starting the game by tapping your phone screen, you need pay attention to the unexpected power balls, obstacles and special cloud lasers, which may pop up on your way forward. You have to use your finger’s tapping and holding on the screen to control the flying height of the lovely bear, so that it can dodge all the obstacles with the jetpack on his back. If the bear need fly to the sky when there’re obstacles on the ground, you shall tap and hold the screen; while there’re obstacles in the sky you can’t tap to fly but run on the ground.


Apart from the dangerous obstacles, there are also a lot of coins and wonderful surprises waiting for you. The special power-ups are a great feature in Hero Run. You can see some square boxes or shining spin, which will help you to trigger amazing skills, such as turning into super robot with up and down teleporting power, riding cute animals with faster speed, and even turning into other steel animals. Collecting more coins allows you to buy unique equipments and other skills. Don’t forget to collect them!


The spin and slot machine is another excellent feature of the game. If you get spins in the game, you will have chances to get extra bonus from slot machine, and also you may get a chance to run again, a boost in the next run or more extra coins. The special design of the game decreases the disappointment of game skillfully and gives you a feeling of extra lucky bonus.


I have got much pleasure and happiness from this game. However, I have to say, Hero Run is not an idea-original game, because it has copied a lot from another popular game named Jetpack Joyride which was developed by the developer of Fruit Ninja, such as the game settings and the gameplay, and so on.

Also, the graphics of Hero Run is not good enough. The developer surely can make the graphics better to improve interface settings and the text design. What provoke me most are the annoying ads popping up from time to time. To stop that, I just shut down the data connection, and then I can enjoy the fun of Hero Run freely.

All in all, it’s really a nice game. It is quite addictive, exciting and definitely will temper your talent, reaction, and agility. No wonder it can get a 4.5 rating on Google Play. It’s worthy of downloading and playing. But if you have played Jetpack Joyride before, you don’t have to try Hero Run again.

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