Health Laws Could Tax Smartphones and Medical Applications

Medical AppsUnder President Obama’s new healthcare laws, many new items are starting to get taxed and Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee questioned whether smartphones, smart-devices and applications would count.

The group of six GOP lawmakers questioned the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Friday, asking whether this could be enacted and if it could, what would be under the law and what wouldn’t be.

The group also went onto say that under this new Affordable Care Act law, if smartphones and mobile apps were at risk of being taxed, it could have effects on the growth and innovation in the smartphone market.

With some medical apps getting onto the apps stores, it is clear that a move with technology and medical care could happen, and showing patients easy to digest information on an iPad, for example, could be a way forward.

The FDA got back with a statement announcing that taxes could not be administered to the health care officials for mobiles and medical applications, unless the sole purpose of the device was for medical use.

The lawmakers replied by saying they were concerned with the potential for ‘actual use’ in the future, an example of this occurring could be a doctor using an iPad to show test results.

While the health laws made do contribute a lot of misunderstanding about exactly what counts, no doctor is using a smartphone for a pregnancy or any other procedure. While we can see where the lawmakers are coming with actual use in the future, that is something for the next governments to decide.

Via The Hill