HD Music Player Olive ONE is a treat for audiophiles

A startup called Olive is offering a new media device called the Olive One, a music player that promises to combine the features on various entertainment gadgets while delivering premium sound quality. According to Olive, the device is the first all-in-one HD Music Player in the world.


The Olive One is a disc-shaped media player with a 7-inch touchscreen. It also sports dual HD amplifiers, a 32-bit/384kHz Burr-Brown DAC, and a volume dial.

Users can select the music they want to hear from various sources. Using Bluetooth 4.0, they may connect wirelessly to the Olive One from their Android device, iPhone, or iPad. Music streaming through a dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi connection and Wi-Fi direct are also possible. Music may also be sourced from a PC, Mac, or NAS, and even Spotify, Youtube, Amazon Locker, Google Play, and iTunes Match. Apps to control the device will be made available for Android and iOS devices. The Olive team is likewise working on support for Windows Phone 8. Furthermore, the Olive One comes with Wi-Fi Miracast so that users can connect the music player to their television.

Olive is currently holding a Flexible Funding campaign for the Olive One on the crowdsourcing website Indiegogo. It has already surpassed its goal of $200,000 Goal before even reaching the deadline for funding the device. At present, Olive has already raised $394,602.

Those who are interested to be among the first to get their hands on the Olive One may contribute at least $399 to the Indiegogo campaign. This amount will buy them the basic unit of the device. Meanwhile, $499 will provide backers with one unit of the Olive One with a 1TB hard drive. $599 gets users one unit of the music player with a 2TB 2.5” AV hard drive. $873 is the cost of the basic unit, plus one with the 1TB hard drive. A developer kit costs $999, which includes an early production unit of the device along with an SDK, plus an e-mail address and direct contact with the Olive company. The most expensive package costs $10,000, which entitles backers to an exclusive edition of the Olive One with a 480GB SSD customized with the backer’s name and serial number. It will also be preloaded with the music files owned by the backer. Lastly, the backers will be able to go to a San Francisco and tour the Olive factory.

Olive estimates that the music players will be delivered around July this year.

via indiegogo