Have Smartphones Finally Replaced the Point and Shoot Cameras?

cameraBefore the era of Smartphones, point and shoot cameras were the devices to go for when it came to taking photos. Could this dominance be shifting? We’ll find out shortly. Smartphones have been growing steadily in terms of both their software and hardware compositions. From the 2 megapixel cameras to what now can be singled out as ultrapixel cameras. And the sophistication will not stop anytime soon. More and more features are being incorporated into the Smartphone’s cameras all in an attempt of making the device standout even in the eye of the point and shoot cameras.

There are many factors which make consumers prefer their Smartphones to the point and shoot cameras. At the peak of them all is convenience. People prefer the Smartphones because they are convenient to hang out with them. They do a decent when it comes to taking photos as compared to the point and shoot cameras hence someone would prefer to grab his iPhone and go out as opposed to carrying the both of them. Smartphones are also tiny compared to the point and shoot cameras hence can fit perfectly in an individual’s pocket without necessarily showing.

Image quality is another determining factor. Nowadays Smartphones have the capabilities of producing pictures with similar or even better qualities as compared to the point and shoot cameras. This aspect alone makes them to be favored. A comparison was recently made to try and find out the image quality of a very popular point and shoot camera (Canon PowerShot Elph 520 HS) and some Smartphone devices i.e. iPhone 5, BlackBerry Z 10, HTC Droid DNA, and the Nokia Lumia 920. From the tests that were conducted (indoor shots, outdoor snaps, shots with and without flash etc) most of the outcomes were in favor of the Smartphones. The Elph 520 HS however outdid the Smartphones when it came to taking people’s photos especially in an indoor situation.

Via Techhive