Hashtags – The new social media rage?

Flickr has updated its iOS version to support hashtags, made famous by social networking giant, Twitter. Flickr, a popular image-sharing service allows users to add a hashtag in titles or descriptions of uploaded photos and link to other snaps also assigned the same hashtag. This app has been rolled out to iOS versions 4.3 and above. The new app supports iPhones, iPods and iPads.

Flickr is not the only application that has borrowed the hashtag concept from Twitter. Facebook and Instagram have incorporated support for this feature in their respective rollouts for iOS, android and windows phones. Clicking on a hashtag brings up related information and pictures also updated with the same hashtag. Facebook is giving the hashtag concept a bit of a twist. By converting the original tag concept into a link, facebook aims to group conversations together. This new update follows the original tagging and @ threads, where users could tag individuals in a photo and use “@”, another borrowed concept from rival twitter to tag users in posts.

hash2The hashtag concept has rapidly gained popularity after its first appearance on twitter. Every other media sharing service is lapping this up and tweaking the feature to suit their network environment. While facebook has not yet incorporated this feature, users can expect it soon since Instagram, Google+ and twitter already using this concept extensively. Picassa is another photo sharing application that will benefit enormously from hashtagging and users can soon expect this feature on all social media services and applications.


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