Halo 4 Gets 11.6 Million Players According To Microsoft

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Microsoft’s 343 Industries recently revealed that 11.6 million unique users, including guests, already played its most expensive game to date, the Halo 4, while connected to Xbox Live.

Microsoft confirmed to Gamespot that the figure consists of unique users and guest accounts who have played the game in online multiplayer, campaign, Forge and Spartan Ops modes. An earlier article said that the 11.6 million users only pertain to those who played the game in multiplayer mode.

343 Industries revealed the numbers during a panel at PAX East. The astounding figure is a big step for Microsoft who has been lagging behind in this battle of video games. It also proved Microsoft’s claim that the sci-fi shooter is its most expensive and successful creation with 11.7 billion recorded kills and 388 headshots since the launch on November 6.

Aside from the billion kills, the company’s data also showed that gamers have already performed about 193 million assassinations. Out of that figure, 4.4 million were done while in the air. Also, players have earned 24.5 billion medals in War Games, captured 30 million flags and hijacked 64 million vehicles.

And if that isn’t enough, 343 Industries said that the game’s Competitive Skill Rank (CSR) system will come out in April. It will have 50 levels like the Halo 2 and Halo 3, Gamespot reported.

There will also be a title update in the Halo 4. It will enable the “x-markers” on the heads-up display and update active camo systems. It will also be able to tune weapons and make changes in the multiplayer mode without having to update.

On April 11, account holders can also download for free a new map called Forge Island.

All About Halo 4

A first-person shooter video game, Halo 4 debuted with a $220-million revenue, which made it a highly successful follow-up to the series, a reported $3-billion franchise. The game begins four years after Halo 3 ended. The player will be the Master Chief, a cyber supersoldier. Set on the Forerunner planet, the player will encounter the collection of alien races known as Covenant and the ancient warriors Prometheans. The player will have an artificial intelligence sidekick called Cortana.

As a shooter game, players will experience the battles in first-person perspective. But when using certain weapons, abilities and vehicles, the game will switch to third-person perspective. Its head-up display shows real-time information about the player’s character. It displays your shield status, current weapons and goals and objectives.

Microsoft has marketed this video game unlike any other games before it, mainly because the company has spent billions in developing the game. It is taunted as the company’s “most important entertainment product.” Other franchises include Forza, Fable and Banjo-Kazooie.

Some said that Microsoft’s Xbox has been running behind Sony’s Playstation and Nintendo’s Wii when it comes to highly successful games. There is a lot of contention to this, but previous sales records have not helped the company in its bid to claim the top spot of the gaming industry. Hopefully, this announcement about Halo 4 will prove just how serious the company is in toppling Sony and Nintendo.

Sources: Gamespot and Wikipedia

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