Hacker 101: Hacking Tips and How not to Fall for them

hacked phoneGetting victimized by hackers is one of the most dreaded experiences any mobile owner will ever have. The main reason for this fear is that everyone is very cautious about their private information.  This however doesn’t mean that the crimes have ceased from happening. They have been contained yes, but just like an open wound, when poked it just keeps on reappearing.

Honestly speaking, advancement in technology is like a double edged sword. It brings a lot of beneficial aspects but at the same time may go against you. The complex and yet the ease at which the hacking process is handled tend to grow with technology. As the brilliant minds of people increase, more and more ‘villains’ are brought to life. To contain the hacking menace from consuming the society, scientists together with the like-minded people are always trying to stay vigilant.

Scientists have made a new discovery. A German Security Research firm has discovered that if you freeze your cellphone, you’ll be able to bypass the phone’s encryption system. Bad as it sounds, this is a hacker friendly tip. And it can never be received with a smile. By simply putting the cellphone into a Sub Zero for approximately an hour, freezing it to temperatures below 14 degrees and the then removing and placing back the phone’s battery; will help you a great deal when it comes to retrieving some lost data. Isn’t that amazing? Do not yet go celebrating! A phone in the above state is in a very susceptible state. Researchers at Erlangen’s Freidrich Alexander University found out that due to the vulnerability state of the above phone, it was much easier for them to use their custom built software i.e. Forensic Recovery of Scrambled Telephone (FROST) to gain access to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and retrieve some information.

Truth be told, this discovery can only act in favor of the police and ultimately the hackers. The rest of us can only hope than we eventually don’t fall victims to the same.


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