Google’s Translate App offers an offline translation mode with new update

Google’s translate app has been updated to offer offline language support to users without access to an internet connection. The app’s online version currently provides translation services for 50 languages and is the most widely used app for translation in the android store. The offline version will soon offer the same level of support for a number of different languages around the world.

goo2The move to include offline support stems from the fact that users hiking in mountains or visiting remote locations without a reliable data connection cannot use the app services. The company has released its new update, already available on the Google Play store for free. Google admits that the app is not as feature rich or efficient as its online version but offers a good translation service even in its offline avatar. You will need to download and install the desired language pack to enable translations for a particular language pair, offline. This is similar to offline dictionary support on the android app store where the user first downloads the app and then support pack for access without a data connection.

Most android users will make extensive use of this app with the travel bug spreading around the world like wildfire. With so many cross country visits, the offline version of the app will soon become more popular than its online counterpart. Samsung offers a similar feature with its S Translator utility built into the Galaxy 4. This tool can be embedded in a message, email or work as a standalone unit that users can avail when translation is required.