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There are a lot of rumors going on about smart watches from a lot of companies lately, and we know that Apple, Samsung, and China based Shanta will be bringing out their own line of smart watches very soon. And to add to the mix, we have a new rumor that says Google itself is working on a smart watch of its own, which could become the Nexus Watch in the future. And this smart watch is said to be a different product than what the South Korean smart phone giant, Samsung, is working on.

So we already know that we have the Banbook smart watches coming from Shanta, the Chinese tech company. And we could now be waiting to see the Apple iWatch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch, and the Google Nexus Watch in the near future. And then again, these are just rumors, but rumors that I think we can believe.

So, what would the “Nexus Watch” look like? Well, according to the reports, Google’s Android team is working on the product right now and this smart watch is going to be an extension of the Android smart phones which we carry. This fact is pretty much obvious. We could be able to check our emails and messages, get a caller ID, initiate calls, and do stuff like that.

But what makes Google’s smart watch more interesting than the others is that others have used, or are using, the smart phone optimized Android SDK for their smart watch products. But along with making a smart watch, Google might be optimizing its Android mobile operating system for smart watches as well. This might even mean that we may get a smart watch SDK as an end result of this project. But all these are assumptions, including the “Nexus Watch” name. So let us just hope that some of these assumptions will come true soon.

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