Google’s new patents for four fingers

Google patents four fingers

When we are holding a smart phone or tablet in our hands, we usually have the thumb up front in the display area of the smart phone to touch or tap on the display to control the device or the apps running on the device. The other four fingers of our hand will just be used to hold the device, wrapped around it. But pretty soon, probably, we will be able to use those four fingers to control the device or the apps on it. Google is working on this kind of a solution.

This is revealed as Patent Bolt uncovered a patent filing by Google for the four useless fingers we use to hold the device. Using these four fingers, we will be able to flip through the pages of an ebook, skip a track on the music player, pause a video, and much more with swipes or taps. So for this, there are going to be some sort of touch controls on the back of the device, and probably on the sides as well.

But the biggest challenge is such a technology would be to guess and differentiate intentional swipes and touches from accidental swipes and touch. Google will have to design an algorithm for doing this. And apparently, Google is already ready with this as well. But we have not yet seen any prototypes of this technology from Google, or has the company mentioned this till now.

And as Arstechnica writes, Apple has already filed for such a patent way back in 2006. So the story of this particular patent is going to be interesting. Apple may sue Google for this, sometime in the future. But for this to happen, we need to some actual devices in the market using this technology. But I do not think that is going to happen anytime soon.

Source: Venture Beat

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