Google’s new all-in-one Babble to hit app markets soon

Google is aiming to encapsulate all its messaging service into one big basket that it will call Babble. According to sources, the search engine and social network giant is finding it increasingly difficult to manage its different services across different platforms. The new offering, officially named Babble does exactly what it implies; allows users to babble all day, all night across different operating systems and mobile platforms.  Each of its individual components, services that Google has previously offered work well with each other but cross platform operations has been tricky. This new app has been designed to make it simpler for users to communicate, a one stop spot for sharing news, pictures, videos and audio, similar to WhatsApp. The new app also reduces the number of networks Google has to manage.

bab2Google Talk, Voice, Messenger and Hangout are being wrapped but in a new offering from Google called Babble. Once the service is launched across iOS, Windows and Android platforms, the app can be used for different kinds of information interchange. The chat window can be used to share messages and photos and the best part is that it is uniform across all Google’s products so that users can work on one interface and one service rather than juggle between a messenger app, a separate photo sharing app and other data sharing services.

There is no news yet about when Google plans to launch these apps on Android, iOS and Windows. Users can expect Babble to hit app stores sometime in May this year.


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