Google’s hacked speaking shoes

Google Shoe

If you are into shoes and wearable technology, then here is something that will excite you for sure. At the SXSW event, Google was mainly advertising and showcasing its new project, the Google Glass. But along with this, there was jet another wearable technology, a pair of Adidas shoes. But this is not just any Adidas shoes that you can get at a store, this is a custom built one with a bit of electronic circuitry inside it, and a speaker. The pair of shoes is used to monitor your walking styles and then give you feedback based on it.

But before you can get your hopes high about buying a pair of Google shoes, a spokesperson from the company has made it very clear that “Google is not getting into the shoe business.” So you can now drop the hips. So what is this project and why is the search engine spending its time and money on this? Well, this is a part of its Art, Copy & Code project. Engadget writes:

“The company was letting visitors try out its new talking shoe concept, with a custom made microcontroller (along with assorted Sparkfun pieces) on the tongue of a pair of Adidas. Above that is a circular speaker that provides feedback based on your movement (detected by internal accelerometers and gyroscopes, along with pressure sensors in the sole). The shoe will then give you aural feedback, based on how you’re moving.”

This new project also has a Bluetooth module in it so that it can talk to your smart phone and send all the data back to it, which you can use to monitor your walking habits. And even though the company is very clear about not making this one of its “products”, there was a statement that the company might make this open source so that people like you and me can build our own talking shoes.

Source: Engadget