Google updates map service to offer real-time transit data to New Yorkers and other large cities

Google has released an update for Google Maps to improve transit information speed and accuracy for New York City, Salt Lake City and Washington DC. This is one of the features that are sorely missed on Apple’s map version in addition to all the other things that went wrong with the map app that Apple put into its devices. Google is offering integrated transit information on its map service that is used by thousands of users in busy cities like New York.

new2The app provides users real time information about transit options and times. The update for NYC, DC and Salt Lake City offers users live departure times for trams in Salt Lake City, the subway in Washington D.C and seven New York City subway lines in addition to buses. The transit feature is not a new addition to Google maps but has been around a while, and 800 cities are voracious consumers of information offered by the service.

Users can grab a taxi or call for a cab if they are made aware of delays in the subway or tram systems. Google is already partnering with a number of transit companies to provide users live feed about transport systems in their town or city. Given that D.C and New York are sprawling metropolitan cities with over a million subway and bus users, Google maps is paying special attention to these locations easing a person’s transit journey to office, home, or any other destination in between. Apple maps have a lot of catching up to do!


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