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Google uninvites some of the google glass contest winners


Google has been known for their innovative ideas and Google glass is one of their most innovative devices up to date. The device was presented to the public last year and has been one of the most awaited gadgets of this year. Few people were lucky enough to get hands on with the device and the reviews are just great. But what about the rest of the public who wants to buy the device?

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Last month, Google started an interesting contest called #ifihadglass and the company urged users to post one thing that they would do if they were given a chance to buy the glass. An independent panel of judges were appointed to select a few thousand replies which were interesting as well as critical of the device and which would increase the overall potential of the product. The company asked users to pitch in ideas that ranged from a number of topics like skateboarding, heathcare to storytelling. As expected there were some hundred thousand replies to the contest but only a few thousand replies which were good enough were selected.

A few days back, the company finally started notifying all those people who were lucky enough to win the contest with a tweet saying,

You’re invited to join our #glassexplorers program. Woohoo! Make sure to follow us – we’ll DM in the coming weeks.

However, later that day, Google tweeted that they had made some errors while choosing the winners and some of the winners who had received the invites were disqualified. Further details were given via a google plus post.

The company’s tweet was as follows,

“We’re gonna need to disqualify a few non-compliant #ifihadglass applications that snuck through. Details here:

Alteast two of the users whose replies had made it to the winning list got were uninvited saying

“Unfortunately your application didn’t comply with our terms, and has been disqualified. We’re sorry for the confusion.”

The univinting process might have been a complex thing for the company but it had to be done as some of the replies like the one stating “I’d throw it at your face. ._.” got through their system to win the contest.

The winners of the contest would be one of the first people who would be given the opportunity to buy the device, however they still have to pay the $1500 price tag to buy one such device.

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