Google to unveil secret X Lab project soon

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We are aware of the awesome projects that Google has been doing lately, for example, the driverless automatic cars and the Google Glass wearable technology are just awesome. And there will be many more such things coming on the way. But who does all this at Google? Glad you asked. Google has a secret X lab in the company with employees working on things like these. The laboratory is headed by the co founder of the company, Sergey Brin.

The awesome laboratory has around hundred employees and their job is just to come up with such an idea as driverless cars and Google Glass, every year, and then make that idea into a reality. And that is exactly how we have got ourselves, or going to get ourselves, the driverless self driving cars and the awesome Google Glass wearable computers.

Anyway, Boy Genius Report writes, “Google’s Astro Teller, who holds the distinguished title “Captain of Moonshots,” shared details about the company’s secret X Lab facility at the South by Southwest conference in Austin this week.” So yes, in the coming months, we are going to talking about yet another awesome and smart project from the search giant. And let us hope that it would be really useful like the two mentioned above.

Giga Om writes that Teller said that in they want to solve difficult problems in the society, they will have to overcome the society’s expectations and venture into some risky ideas, which may even lead to failures? Well, does this mean that the new project is focused on solving a big problem of the society and that the technology used will not be something conventional? It could also mean that the company has failed a few times at it. But that is just obvious in any project.

“You have to have a group of people dedicated to throwing almost everything away,” he said, according to BGR. And this shows just how dedicated the company is at its work.

Source: Boy Genius Reports