Google to offer same day delivery shopping service

Google Shopping Express

If you have been wondering what Google’s next business will be, well, you might be happy to hear that it is a local delivery service. Yes, this is something far away from technology, but tie a local delivery service with a shopping website, and you might have just hit a jackpot. The company is trying that out, a one day delivery system in which people will get their goods delivered to them the same day they order them online. You can call this as Google’s latest experiment.

Google has always been trying to reinvent the markets that have already been established years ago. For example, the search engine giant started experimenting with the self driving cars, which is going to disrupt the transportation industry. The company has its own broadband service called the Google Fiber, which is considered one of the best and the fastest broadband services in the world. Imagine what this would do to long time broadband providers. This is good in one way, the standard of living always increases with the increase in the quality of the goods we use.

Anyway, the new service, called the Google Shopping Express, has already got a few partners for the experiment to reinvent the online shopping industry. The list of partners includes Target, Walgreens, Staples, American Eagle and Toys“R”Us, and has also attracted a number of smaller local businesses in the Bay Area.

As you can see, this is an attractive experiment, and no doubt people are going to love it. This will literally save you hours of time going to the mall and shopping for the stuffs you need the same day. You can just order the products on line and then get them the same day with Google’s Shopping Express. And in the future, we may see the company promising delivery within a few minutes, or within an hour of ordering. But the company will need to hire a large delivery system. Anyway, Google’s Shopping Express will be tested for now in San Francisco.

Source: Boy Genius Report

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