Google to go against Amazon and Microsoft in cloud computing

Google Cloud Serivces Office

Cloud computing has become really important in the recent times. Every business in the world wants to have a web app for its users to use from anywhere in the world instead of standalone desktop apps that they need to download and install on their computers. The trend has changed. But for cloud computing, you need to have a very good infrastructure and be able to communicate with any computer, any time, and from any part of the world. For all this, uptime and other important factors come into the picture.

And instead of investing so much in infrastructure, you can just lease some of them from cloud service providers. There are many such providers you can think of, and one the best and the most used provider is Amazon. The company has its Amazon Web Services, or AWS, which is by far the most used web services provider. And after this comes Microsoft’s Azure, though this is not so popular.

If you take a look at most apps on your Android smart phone, they are hosted on Amazon’s servers. Even though they are Android apps, they are not using Google’s App Engine service. This is a loss for the search engine giant. And in an effort to change this and attract potential customers to use its own servers, the company is going to expand its office in Kirkland, Wash., adding 180,000 square feet to it. This will make this office the third largest in the country after its headquarters in Mountain View and the New York office.

The company is also planning on hiring more engineers who will work on the cloud services to make its offerings more powerful. “We’re not the first in this rodeo, but we have the history of Google,” said Brian Goldfarb, Google’s leader of cloud platform marketing, who joined the company last year after a decade at Microsoft. “We have the best data centers on the planet. You can’t really give engineers a bigger, badder thing to work on.”

Source: The New York Times