Google shows off new Glass apps at SXSW

The New York Times app for Google Glass

A lot of us are excited to try out the Google Glass ourselves. And a few of us have been lucky enough to be getting these very shortly, if not already. We know that there would be a lot of applications with the glass, and we would definitely love to use those apps hands free and having to take out our smart phones for each and everything. But until today, we were not really sure of what these apps would be.

At the SXSW event, Google showed off a few applications that the company has been working on the Glass. To begin with, the company showcased the third party app developed with the New York Times. The app on the Glass will be able to display the headline, an image, and the byline of a news item when it is pushed by the new publication. The app will also be able to read out a piece of news aloud to the user if he or she wishes to.

The company has been working on another app with Evernote. With this app, users will be able to send Skitch images to their Evernote accounts. And this will use the Share functionality built into the Google Glass. Path is another third party which has developed an app for Google Glass. With this, notifications will pop up on the Glass if a friend on your network has shared something. You will be able to dictate a comment to the post, or select an emoticon.

Along with these third party apps, the company showcased one of its own apps as well. The app was Gmail for Glass. With this, whenever you get an email, the Google Glass will pop that up on the Glass with the subject and the image of the sender. You will be able to dictate a reply to this email and send it, or just dismiss the notification. There may be more apps such as these coming to Google Glass. What kind of app would you like to see?

Source: Phone Dog