Google rolls out yet another update to its Gmail app for Android

Google is doing a lot to ensure its Gmail app is the top mail app across all mobile platforms. The latest update for Android version 4.1 JellyBean and above allows users to archive emails and reply directly from the notifications tab. This new update can be coupled with existing features that allow users to customize messages that want to receive notifications from and configure different message tones for different labels. Android phones and tablets running Ice Cream Sandwich, Android 4.0 and up can look forward to a faster search even when users are offline. Devices running android 2.2 and above receive an update for new labels API for third party app developers. Google has ensured everyone gets a slice of its hip and happening mail app.

gmail2The company is working hard to revamp, improve and enhance the Gmail app across all platforms to make it the best selling mail app to ever hit markets, drowning all competition before they can get a foothold in the markets. The new rollouts are based on the Gmail app for iOS that has received praise for its look and feel. Google has also revamped Gmail so that it provides a neat, clean interface when accessed through phone and PC browsers. You can also RSVP to invitations residing in your calendar much faster.

With new and advanced apps hitting markets every day, existing apps in the market have to keep up with the times. Google seems to be doing well in this area with the iOS version being a huge success and android and windows models of the Gmail app enhanced with great new features.