Google Play Store no longer offers Ad blocking apps

In a move that will frustrate millions of Android users worldwide, Google has removed ad blocking apps from its Play Store. There will be no way to block ads on the android operating system once ad blocking apps are “blocked”. The AdBlockPlus app filtered internet traffic to remove any ads on Facebook and YouTube as well as prevent social network links and buttons on websites from covertly collect personal information about the user’s habits and online behavior.

Ad Block app users and developers are miffed with the new policy that Google has adopted. The move as been viewed as a threat to internet democracy since Google is preventing users from opting to block unwanted ads on their android devices. All the ad checks to prevent bothersome ads and pop ups have been pulled out, exposing users to annoying, tedious and sometimes malicious ads. The contention is that AdBlock and similar apps do not complete block all advert. Users have a choice to white list some ads for future updates about that product or service. Even Ad Blocking is by user discretion so there is no blanket ban on all ads as portrayed by Google.

adblock2Google defends its stand by claiming that any app that violates its policies must go and that AdBlock has not been in tune with Google’s app policies. Due to violation of a policy which states in effect that ads tied to one app cannot interfere with an ad on another third-party app, Google has moved against Ad blocking apps in general with AdBlock in particular.

A small respite comes in the form of browsers Chrome, Opera and firebox browsers allowing users to AdBlock on them.


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