Google Now coming to iOS, Chrome OS, and Windows 8

Google Now on Nexus 7

Google Now is one the best features that came to the Android mobile operating system users with the new Android Jelly Bean edition. For iOS users, the Cupertino tech giant had already released the Siri, which can be considered as the equivalent of Google Now for the iOS platform. The app, which comes on all Android Jelly Bean devices, can be used to know almost everything about your day.

The app will bring up the weather for the day, the appointments that you have scheduled on your Google Calendar, directions to your home or office depending on the time of the day, the scores of your favorite sports teams from their latest matches, boarding passes, tracking of packages, dinner and hotel reservations, and a lot more. But all this is limited to the Jelly Bean flavor of the Android operating system. And it turns out that this is going to change pretty soon.

There is a possibility that the search engine giant may migrate the app to iOS for iPhone and iPad, the Chromium operating system for the Chromebooks, and Windows 8 as well. Yesterday, Engadget was tipped off with a YouTube video which was a Google ad for the Google Now app on the iPhone and the iPad. The video was taken down from the video streaming web site very soon after that. Not just that, Francois Beaufort, a French web developer, has found a flag on the Chrome browser for developers for the Google Now app. This means that the company may bring Google Now to Chrome as well, which will make it available both on Chromebooks where the Chromium operating system is nothing but the Chrome browser, and on Windows 8 as well in the form of the Chrome browser.

The company has refused to comment on both the incidences, so we cannot be completely sure of this yet.

Source: Wired