Google Nexus to disprove sound theory in space!

Some science experiments are more amusive than educational. The latest such trial is shipping a Google nexus to space and to test whether anyone can screams in space! A research team from the University of Surrey has launched the Nexus onto space to test if sound can indeed travel through space.

nexus2We all know that sound cannot travel through space since it is a vacuum. A custom Nexus is being launched to space, one that will be equipped with screams, gathered from online submissions. A specifically designed app created by developers from the Cambridge University Space Flight will be loaded into the device. The test will be to detect the preloaded screams on the Nexus, triggered by the app, on the phone’s speakers. The app will monitor whether the speaker can detect the noise in space.

This test will be performed aboard the Strand-1 satellite, where the Nexus will be controlled by an onboard computer that will transfer control to the Nexus when the experiment has to be performed. The scream test which is the main reason the Nexus is on board Strand-I. Another app on the device will measure the magnitude of the magnetic field around it. A third app will capture Nexus’s progress through space so that the Cambridge team can track the device.

A queer experiment being conducted by Cambridge University, there is no clarity yet about what the team hopes to achieve with this test. Google Nexus, however will enjoy a surge in popularity post this experiment, which honors the Nexus for being the first smart phone in space.


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