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Google Nexus 7 Problems and Solutions

This post will deal with Google Nexus 7 problems and errors that users have been complaining about. There would also be solutions and workarounds we will provide to help our readers deal with them.

The Nexus 7 was manufactured by ASUS for Google to brand and distribute. It is one of the powerful tablets available in the market today with Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset bearing a quad-core processor clocked at 1.2GHz complemented by 2GB RAM. But just like any other devices, it is not free from problems and errors. In fact, in the last couple of months more users turn online to complain about their experiences with the Nexus 7.

Yes, we will be dealing with problems and errors of this tablet in this post but we just want to make it clear that this article seeks to be more helpful to Nexus 7 users rather than being critical to the device. All problems we speak of here are based on reports we read from tech communities and forums. We aggregate those problems to know which ones are most common. We then find solutions for them and that includes extensive research and conversation with experts and developers or people who have vast knowledge of the issue.

Some of the solutions, however, are based on our personal experience and know-how. We try to reproduce the problem and find solutions for it.

Now, if you have problems with your own device and want to ask questions, feel free to send us emails at [email protected] We may not be able to respond to every inquiry but rest assured we are reading every email we receive and from there we may be able to write another edition of this topic. We also launched a forum for this very purpose, so feel free to register and speak to us.

Problems Overview

Google Nexus 7 Stock Email Problems. In this section, we dealt with sync problem. We were able to talk with one developer, who developed one of the custom ROMs for the Nexus 7, who assured us there is nothing wrong with the stock email app. But he recommended some procedures to remedy sync issues. We have also provided a resolution to a specific Exchange email issue. Check out that section directly by clicking this link.

Google Nexus 7 Lagging and Freezing Problems. In the second section of this blog, we dealt with ways on how to fix the lagging and freezing of the tablet. We explained that it could be because of some corrupt data or compatibility issues that the overall performance of the Nexus 7 is affected. But we also provided ways to minimize lags and bring the device back to its original performance. Click here to go directly to that section.

Google Nexus 7 Screen Becomes Unresponsive/Insensitive. The third section will help your fix screen-related problems, specifically if the display becomes unresponsive or insensitive. We provide a procedure on how to do a factory reset without going to the settings and just using the power and volume keys. You can read the section by following this link.

Google Nexus 7 Charging Problem. The fourth section will walk you through fixing charging-related problems. But we focused more on making the charge indicator show up in case it won’t especially when the battery is completely drained. Go to that section now through this link.

Google Nexus 7 Gmail Sync Error. There were many users reported that their Gmail account doesn’t automatically sync with the tablet. So, in this section we provided some ways to check the settings to see if everything is set the way they should be so that automatic sync will happen. Read that section by clicking this link.

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