Google Nexus 4 Tips & Tricks: Four Ways You Can Make The Most Out Of Nexus 4

Web Browsing, Email, Socialization

These are among the most common uses of a smartphone. The Google Nexus 4, being one of the few quad-core-driven Android phones today that features the latest version of Android, can offer these services better than others. Provided you have a good Wi-Fi network setup, the Nexus 4 can offer better and faster web browsing, real-time email syncing and enjoy with friends via social media networks.

Making Nexus 4 Web Browsing Faster

The phone was naturally built to be fast in anyway but there is always the tendency that its performance will deteriorate after months of use especially its web browsing service. There are, however, a lot of ways to make it even faster and more stable. First, let’s start with the best browsers you can use with it:

Chrome – Reviews show that this browser plays well with the Nexus 4. It has recently been updated and bugs have been fixed to make it even more stable. There is a greater percentage of Nexus 4 owners who prefer to use it over other browsers.

Dolphin – This is one of the most popular mobile browsers available at the Play Store. It is fast and stable plus it has a great support. Almost every month, this browser gets updated and it also performs well with the Nexus 4.

Opera Mobile – One of the major benefits Opera (Mini or Mobile) browser can offer is the super-fast data transmission. Its cloud engine compresses data as much as 90% making them faster to transmit over Wi-Fi. It also has sophisticated privacy features, plus the ability to clear passwords and data automatically.

Stock Browser – If you’ve been using Android for a long time already, you will be able to notice the stock browser is slower than the first three browsers mentioned above. But there is a workaround that could make the Android browser compete with other top-notch browsers as far as rendering and loading are concerned.

Making Nexus 4 Android Browser Faster

This short guide is for Nexus 4 owners who don’t want to use other browsers but the stock. Please note that the first three browsers (Chrome, Dolphin and Opera Mobile) are already fast in their own way. Now, let’s try to make Android browser stand out:

Step 1: Launch Browser app.

Step 2: In the Address Bar, type “about:debug” without quotes, and hit Go. Nothing would happen after that.

Step 3: Press the Menu button and choose Settings.

Step 4: Tap Debug and uncheck Enable OpenGL Rendering.

Step 5: Go back to Settings and choose Advanced.

Step 6: Tap Enable Plug-ins and choose On Demand.

Step 7: Now, try to browse the web and you will notice the browser is faster than before.

That’s all about making browsing faster on the Nexus 4.

Nexus 4 Email Tips

As long as everything is setup properly and syncs are turned on, emails will keep coming. Just a couple tips from experts; users who have corporate emails (like [email protected]) should use the stock email app. For those who have Gmail ([email protected]), it is strongly recommended to use the official Gmail App available at the Play Store for free.

There are quite a few cases of syncing problems in Nexus 4 but if it happens to you, whichever app you’re using, clearing data and cache then setting up emails again will help solve the problem.

Nexus 4 Social Applications Tips

Social apps like Facebook and Twitter often accumulate data over time. Depending on you frequency of use, there could already be tons of data in your phone’s memory. It is, therefore, advisable to clear data and cache at least once a week. This will help make apps load faster and remain stable.

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  1. Chrome is the “stock” browser on the Nexus 4. Also, don’t know what point you were trying to make about the Obi 202 in relation to the Nexus 4 since you left out the info on Obi’s Obion app which allows your android device to sync with your obi account and make free wifi calls using GV or whatever voip provider you have set up on your Obi 202, or Obi 100.

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