Google Nexus 4 Tips & Tricks: Four Ways You Can Make The Most Out Of Nexus 4


There are a lot of things you can do with your Google Nexus 4 and there are actually hundreds of tips and tricks available online for you to follow. In this post, we will tackle four topics on how to maximize the use of your Nexus 4 smartphone but we will set our focus on how avail free services that would allow you to call someone without having to pay per-minute charging.

The first part of this blog is about how to make free phone calls over a Wi-Fi network. Although there are already a lot of services available online that offer free phone calls, they may not be able to equal the kind of service we presented here.

We use GrooVe IP Lite, it is a free Android app (of course, it’s ad-supported) developed by SNRB Labs that employ the services offered by Google Voice and Google Chat to be able to allow users to call any number for free. Moreover, they could also receive incoming calls just like when they have subscribed to a phone service. As long as there is free Wi-Fi hotspot around, users can make calls for free.

We’ve also presented in this section the use of Obi202 VoIP Adapter, which can be purchased from Amazon for $75 but offers unlimited free phone calls (still employing Google Voice service) not to mention other cool features it comes packed with.

The second part is basically, common. It’s about the Google Nexus 4’s capability to offer better web browsing, email syncing and socialization. We’ve included some top-rated browsers to choose from as well as the way on how to make the stock browser render pages faster. There are also some email and social tips you can make use of. So, be sure to check that section.

The third section is a tutorial on how to turn your Google Nexus 4, or any Android smartphone, into a security web cam that uses a Wi-Fi network to stream videos. It is possible through the use of the IP Webcam application, which is available at the Play Store for free. We’ve included it because Nexus 4 has a great camera sensor with 8 megapixels, it is free and it uses nothing more than a Wi-Fi network. It’s worth checking out, too.

The fourth section is a walk through on how to setup a portable Wi-Fi hotspot using the Google Nexus 4 provided the user have subscribed to any mobile data plan. We’ve pointed it out that T-Mobile has currently taken the lead for offering unlimited 4G data for $70. So, if you wish to know how to share that pricey data plan of yours, you better check out section four.

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  1. Chrome is the “stock” browser on the Nexus 4. Also, don’t know what point you were trying to make about the Obi 202 in relation to the Nexus 4 since you left out the info on Obi’s Obion app which allows your android device to sync with your obi account and make free wifi calls using GV or whatever voip provider you have set up on your Obi 202, or Obi 100.

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