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Google Nexus 4 Wi-Fi Drops, Internet Disconnected When In Deep Sleep

Problem: The most common scenario for this problem is that the Internet connection through Wi-Fi will be cut off after a period of time. Users who have experienced this problem said that it happens whenever the Nexus 4 goes into deep sleep. Reports indicate that this problem is specific to Android 4.2. When it occurs, the signal strength shows normal reception but all syncs are lost and icons on the Notification Bar are greyed out. And I forget, this problem also occurs even when Wi-Fi is set to always on.

Google has already been notified about this and one thread in its Code site detailed this bug (issue 40065). Yes, it is a bug. While the connection can be resumed after Wi-Fi dropped, many are still complaining about it because emails and other sort of electronic communications couldn’t be received in real time considering Google sync would be lost when it occurs.

Resolution: Since this is a bug, there is no way users can fix this on their end, at least, not for now. Until LG or Google releases a new update that would fix this bug, this problem would always haunt users. But just to make it clear, not all Nexus 4 owners have experienced this bug, however, curious ones can try to reproduce this problem in their device by connecting to their Wi-Fi network and let the phone go into deep sleep. If the Wi-Fi drops and notification bar icons turn grey, then your phone has this bug.

To prevent this from happening, you can do any of the following:

  1. Don’t let your phone go into deep sleep especially if you are downloading something or waiting for important email messages.
  2. Set the screen automatic lock timer to maximum and make sure you unlock your phone immediately after the screen dies off.
  3. Play music. Your phone will not go into deep sleep whenever there’s and active app.

But you should know that your battery life will certainly be drained off faster than usual when you do this. But it’s all up to your needs, really; if you badly needed Wi-Fi, then you can do any of those workarounds.

What to do if this bug occurs:

  1. To be able to connect to a Wi-Fi network again, just toggle the Wi-Fi switch off then on again.
  2. Reboot phone. In case you’re one of the few owners who reported their device became unresponsive when woke up from deep sleep, then reboot is the best workaround.

This bug is nothing serious, it’s just annoying especially when you badly need to consistently connect to a Wi-Fi network for communications and downloads.

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