Google Nexus 4 Problems: Effective ways and workarounds to fix Nexus 4 issues


The LG Google Nexus 4, or simply known as Google Nexus 4, are among the phones reported to have pressing minor problems. Released in October 2012, the phone is among the first devices to feature Google’s Android 4.2 operating system, which was really hot during that time. With its quad-core processor and 2GB RAM, it was easy for it to attract both specs-conscious and average smartphone users. With Google backing its sales and marketing, it wasn’t a surprise for it to garner wide following.

With millions of users around the world, problems were discovered and reported online. And we, The Droid Guy team, seek to aggregate every possible problem users have reported online and probably provide resolutions, workarounds and fixes. Because of that, we have launched a dedicated inbox that we would use to receive emails from users asking about solutions of their Nexus 4 problems.

If you have questions and concerns about your phone, feel free to email us at [email protected] or join our newly-launched forum.

In this post, the first five problems we will tackle on are the following:

  1. Wi-Fi and Internet Problems
  2. Camera and Gallery Issues
  3. Low Memory Issues
  4. Tethering Errors
  5. Android File Transfer Crashes

Problems Overview

The first section deals with Wi-Fi being dropped when the Nexus 4 goes into deep sleep mode. We have explained the problem and provided possible scenario with remedy. At a later part of the section, we explained that it is actually a bug and software updates may be able to fix it.

The second problem is a common one; it’s about Camera lagging almost every time a photo is taken. Having sought advice from a developer, we have explained that the problem lies in the saving of photos in Gallery app.

In the Low Memory Issues section, we provided two scenarios. The first one is for the actually internal memory issue while the second is for the RAM itself. Workarounds were provided to remedy both.

The fourth section deals with the tethering issue between Google Nexus 4 and Windows XP operating system. The fixes we have provided include downloading of tetherxp.inf, editing the file and installing it so connection between the computer and the phone would be established.

The fifth part is also common especially for Mac owners. There has always been a problem between Nexus 4 and Mac OS that causes Android File Transfer application to crash every time a file is transferred through it.

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