Google Maps ban in Germany as trial is in progress

Google vs Microsoft

We know about the Microsoft and Google patent war that has been happening in Germany for some time now over the infringement of Microsoft’s patents pertaining to its Maps apps. Microsoft has sued Google for infringing its patents based on identifying local resources and then putting them up on the map, this is just what any maps application would be doing. But Microsoft has chosen Google as its opponent for this case, and we can easily guess why.

Florian Mueller, of FOSS Patents, has reported from Munich, Germany, where the court proceedings went on, and it is being told that the case is not going in favor of Google, which is a problem for most of us.

Judge Dr. Matthias Zigann of the Munich I Regional Court just told Google and its Motorola Mobility subsidiary in no uncertain terms that his court is at this point (prior to counsel’s argument on claim construction, infringement and validity) inclined to hold Google Inc., its subsidiary Motorola Mobility LLC and MMI’s German subsidiary liable for infringement of a key Microsoft patent, EP0845124 on a “computer system for identifying local resources and method therefor”, which is the European equivalent of U.S. Patent No. 6,240,360.

You may ask how this would be a problem for us as customers. Well, most of the apps today use Google Maps as their map engines. And if the search engine giant has to take back its app from Germany, then the apps powered by this will not be able to work in the country as well. That is the problem. CNET writes that even though a Google spokesperson declined to comment, he did say, “We are confident in our position and look forward to defending it in court.”

The final ruling of this lawsuit is not coming anytime before June. So we still have some time for this. And till then, both the companies will be filing new briefs.

Source: CNET

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