Google Keep – A note taking app

Google, a name everyone knows in the internet and technology market, has a long time habit of testing out different services, software and apps and removing them from the marketplace. However, from these tests Google has been able to assess the market, determine what works, create a better product and release it to the marketplace. After the recent news that Google Reader is going away, another rumor is that Google might be bringing back Google Notebook in the form of an app called Google Keep.

keep2Google Notebook was a web application that allowed users to create, edit and share notes. Once the shutdown was confirmed in July of 2012, users were redirected to Google docs and existing data exported for further use of notes. Google claimed they were focusing on remaining innovative and creating solutions and services for users that would provide a greater benefit looking at the long-term picture. Now it looks as if Google Keep might become one of those services that provide an effective, long-term solution for customers.

The rumors around the web application are based off of unconfirmed screenshots and a developer who may have posted some coding and files related to the new project on his Google Plus profile. One view is a reason Google is bringing back notes is the success of Evernote which boats over 50 million users and generates revenue. With the cost-effective market share that Evernote has been enjoying, it may be time for Google to try again.


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