Google is working on a tablet UI that adapts the way we hold

Google's patent for auto arranging UI elements on a tablet

A lot of us use tablets in our daily life, and we just wish if we could use it with a little more ease. For example, we will have to use both our hands to interact with the user interface of the tablet. Even in most new smart phones, it is very difficult to operate them with just one hand. So what do we need? Well, we need a technology which would organize the user interface on a device just like this so that we could easily use the device with just one hand. Well, Google seems to be working on this.

A new patent has been discovered which was filed by the search engine giant way back in the third quarter of the year 2011. And if we have learnt anything from all the patent wars that is taking place these days, is that even if you are not going to implement something anytime soon or ever, it is still better to have a patent in your name for your idea. And that is what Google has done here.

According to this patent, Google is designing, or at least we hope it is, a new user interface for tablets which senses or feels the way in which the user has held the tablet and then rearranges the user interface elements on the display to make it easy for the user to operate the tablet with just one hand. As you can see from the patent application image shown above, the back, forward, and refresh buttons on web browser has been moved to the right side of the tablet as soon as it sensed that the user is holding the tablet in his right hand.

This change will be very welcome to the Android tablet user interface. And though there is no automatic version, Samsung has already given the option to shift the keypad on its Galaxy Note smart phone to one side to make the usage of the phablet easy with one hand.

Source: Android Authority