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For the past few years, Google has been busy experimenting with new technology for the end consumers. However, we had no idea what exactly the company was involved with. Many of the research work were conducted in their research labs located in the company campus and most of the people were unaware what exactly was going in there. Finally, this year we can see Google opening up their research work to the public. The first product to be shown this year was the Google Glasses. The wearable internet connected glasses have been in development for years now, and finally Google is planning to bring out the device to the market.

Now, the latest development from the company is the talking Google Trainer Shoes. In the recent South by southwest art festival held at Austin, Texas, Google unveiled its latest creation, the talking trainer shoes. The company has stated that they have no plans to enter the fashion industry and would stick to their regular advertising and social networking business for a foreseeable future.

talking shoes


So, what exactly is the Google talking Shoes?

Google has created these magic talking shoes in collaboration with YesYesNo and Studio 5050 by integrating a new talking technology on the famous pair of Adidas hightops. The technology helps the shoe stay connected to the internet via your cell phone and can even comment on the way it is being used. Zachary Lieberman, one of the founding members of YesYesNo has been involved in the project along with Despina Papadopolous, one of the members from Studio 5050. Despina being an interactive designer and design strategist worked with Zachary, who is known for his hacking and artistic skills to create this talking wonder.

The device is equipped with its own speakers at the end, Bluetooth connectivity, accelerometer and gyroscope and hence can communicate with the person wearing the shoes through its speakers.

The shoe can measure speed and direction and can even say things like ‘this is boring’ if the person wearing the shoes is sitting idle for too long.

‘The talking shoe is an experiment in how you can use connected objects to tell stories on the web today,’ explained advertising executive Aman Govi. The main objective of creating such shoes is providing an advertising platform which can give real time data to prospective customers.

Google adds that,

By connecting a pair of sneakers to the web, we’re creating unique opportunities between physical objects and digital ad spaces. Every move the user makes generates data that’s captured using an accelerometer, gyroscope and pressure sensors. That data then gets pushed to a web app on your mobile phone and translated in real-time into funny and motivating commentary. That commentary then gets pushed to banners and social media, creating new, interesting content in the digital world from something happening live in the physical one.        

The shoes are just a prototype and the company does not plan to release the product in the market anytime soon. However, we can see Google experimenting with a number of products involving wearable technology before the launch of the much anticipated Google Glasses and we expect more such stuff from the Mountain View based company in the near future.

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