Google has not submitted any Google Now app to the App Store

Google Now for iPhone and iPad

We have all been waiting for a good Google Now app for our iPhones. And we have all been looking towards Google for an answer to this. And yesterday, at the Big Tent Summit in India, Google’s Chairman Eric Schmidt was asked by the moderator of the event when we can expect a Google Now app for our iPhones. And I do not know why, Eric Schmidt replied in a way that put all the fault on the Cupertino tech giant. Eric’s exact reply was, “You’ll need to discuss that with Apple” and that “Apple has a policy of approving or disapproving apps that are submitted into its store, and some of the apps we make they approve and some of them they don’t.”

Now that clearly means that Google has done all that it could have done, and that it is now in the hands of the Cupertino tech giant to decide whether to allow Google Now to be available  on the iOS mobile operating system or not. All of us thought the same, until CNET published a report.

According to what CNET published based on the statements from Google and Apple spokespeople, Google has never submitted the Google Now app to the iOS App Store. So this does not put any blame on the Cupertino tech giant, but the ball comes back to Google’s court. When will we see the Google Now app for iOS in the App Store?

Now back to another question, why did Eric Schmidt reply to that question in that way? Is he frustrated with Apple and all the policies it has for third party app submissions? Or is the company not ready to allow Google to work on the Google Now for iOS project? Well we may not know the truth unless one of the companies announces it officially.

Source: iSource

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