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Google Glass to be made in US


Most of the technology giants like Apple have teamed up with Foxconn to manufacture their devices and Google is no exception as reports suggest that Google might be working with Foxconn to manufacture their latest innovation, Google Glass.

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Google glass is one of the most innovative technologies developed by the company and was publicly announced last year. However, even after a year, we have received no signs of its release. But with the news that Foxconn is working with the company for the production of this gadget, we expect it to be available pretty soon. Foxconn is famous for undertaking manufacturing projects from a number of handset makers like Apple, Amazon and they have been able to deliver quality in their manufacturing process. However, most of their manufacturing plants are located in China and recently there have been several problems with labor. We have even seen Amazon delay the release of their rumored 4.7 inch smart phone due to problems with Foxconn.

However, Google may have different plans with Foxconn. The Financial Times report that Foxconn will produce Google glass from a plant based in Santa Clara, California. The small scale, high cost and the complexity of the process of making these innovative glasses makes it easier for the company to produce it locally within the company.

With the production units much closer to the company, Google can make sure that they can keep an eye on the initial production run and any problems can be tackled much faster and effectively given that the plan is so close to the company.

Now, this might be good news for all those people looking to get hands on these glasses especially for those 8000 lucky winners who won the Google glass contest. These winners would be the lucky ones getting the first batch of the glasses and can buy them early for as low as $1500. For others who weren’t so lucky, don’t be disappointed. Sources say that Google glasses would be available for around $1500 by the end of the year.

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