Google Glass and its concept

The basic idea of Google is to develop a device like spectacles which can be worn like normal glasses and through which one can record the things they view. Then one can post the video on the internet which can be later retrieved by the users of the net by doing a “Google search”. The idea sounds very exciting for those who are enthusiastic to capture “live events” and then share them with others.

google2This is causing ripples in few circles who’re concerned about the privacy of people at the public places. We are already being surrounded by numerous CCTV cameras in sensitive places. However, in most cases, the footage will not be available for public view. So this is not really a concern.

The real problem lies with the fact that Google has taken up this project and it already has a reported history of breaching various Terms & Conditions related to few countries. It has widely been believed that, on numerous occasions, Google has put public security to stake for its own success. In addition, it has been recently fined for breaching into privacy of Apple’s safari browser.

Despite of all these, Google has been known for going forward with what it believes to be innovative and path braking. In fact, this very attitude of Google has been the reason for its success, which no one disagrees. However, any ground breaking technology should also take into account the implications it would cause on the society. This will also receive praise and appreciation from the society.

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