Google+ For Web Gets Huge Cover Photo, Local Reviews Tab

Have you checked out your Google+ profile recently? You’ll be seeing a couple of changes that is already live now including a larger cover photo as well as an addition of the local reviews tab. Changes were also made to the About section which makes it easy for you to edit information contained in that section.

Let’s take a look at some of the changes starting with the cover photo. The photo area is now twice as large (up to 2120 x 1192 pixels) which means you can now place a much larger photo then what was previously allowed. Aside from this, information about you will also be included in the cover photo area such as your work, school, location and the number of people who have you in your circles.

The reviews section will feature the reviews you have done on local establishments. This is quite useful since it helps people decide to have dinner at a particular restaurant or spend the night at a new bar.

The about section now has a much cleaner look and makes it easier for you to sort out any information contained there. Each of the headings is splashed with a color bar which is a nice touch that makes it more readable.

If you aren’t seeing any of these changes yet on your Google+ account then don’t worry since the company says that they are rolling this out gradually to all users.

Google+ is a social network created by the search giant and launched in June 2011. Before its official launch it was first called Google Circles and was an invite only test network. There are now more than 500 million registered users of this service with 235 million users active on a monthly basis.

Google+ integrates various services such as Google Profiles, Circles, Hangouts, Communities, Events, Games and more to make social networking more fun.

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