Google fights hard to remove a Swedish word from a list

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The Swedish Language Council releases a list of words every year that the Swedes have started using in that year. This is nothing but officially adding a new list of words to the vocabulary of that language. And the list of words released for the year 2012 got some attention, especially from a certain Mountain View company, yes, you are correct, its Google. The word that the search engine giant was concerned about is “Ogooglebar”, which in Swedish means “ungoogleable”.

The official definition for this word, “Ogooglebar” is something that you cannot find on the internet using a search engine. Now, you can see which part has pissed off Google here. Most of us who have a company with a product coming out every now and then want to become so popular that people start using the name of our company as a generic term, but that is one other area in which Google’s thinking is different.

The last thing that the search engine giant wants is that the name of the company to be used as a generic term for search engines online. So the company reached out the Swedish Language Council and asked them to change the definition to something that could not be found on the internet using Google services.

But the Council did not agree to that in one go, and Google had to fight for it. And ultimately, the word is off the official list, but that will not stop the Swedish people from using the word, and since this has become a news, the word has reached millions of other people outside Sweden and will probably be used more widely. So, does this fulfil the Google’s IP team’s aim? I do not think so. But since this is not official, the company might not be concerned.

Source: Forbes

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