Google dual screen watch patent

Google Dual Screen Watch Patent Image

The Financial Times reports that Google might be working on a smart watch of its own, and we had already reported that yesterday. But this new report unveils a lot more. We had reported earlier that Google’s Android team is working on a smart watch, and this is all we knew. But today’s report unveils a patent that Google had applied for in 2011, and granted to Google in 2012.

According to this new patent, Google might be working on a dual screen watch, which will have the primary display up front, and another secondary display hidden under the first screen, like a clamshell form factor. The primary screen on the top will be responsible for displaying the time, duh, and also notifications of new incoming items, such as emails and text messages. But this primary screen will not give any details about the notifications and will give only the subject. But if you want to read the entire thing, you will have to flip oven the display.

When you flip the top display, the secondary display will be revealed. This will be responsible for displaying the whole incoming item, such as emails or messages. Not just that, there will also be a camera under the primary display. This camera will be exposed to the world when the user flips open the primary display. And the inclusion of the camera may tell us that there might be a face calling featuring on the smart watch. And this will of course use data or call minutes from your smart phone.

There are many more features that a device like this could feature, and that we would want to have. But what will be really interesting is to see the search engine giant actually manufacture this device. I would be one of the many early adopters.

Source: Electronista

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