Google Chrome and Android merger, anybody?

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If you follow Google or Android, you would know that the head of Android at Google, Andy Rubin, stepped down from the position recently, and Sundar Pichai, the head of Chrome at Google, is now the new head of Android as well. And yes, he will be managing both the products. And instantly, after you read this, you will come to the conclusion or the assumption that there will be some kind of merger in the future between the two products, Android and Chrome. If you did not, that is good.

But many people think that, and I was one of them. Google has always maintained that Android is an operating system for mobile devices with touch screens, and the Chrome, as an operating system, is for devices with a keyboard. But we have already seen Android devices with keyboards and the new Chromebook Pixel has a touch screen. So you can sense the definitions blurring.

And it is very obvious that Google’s Chromebooks have not been selling in good numbers, but Android on the other hand has done very well in the recent times with unofficial reports from third party analysts saying that daily Android activations have reached 1.3 million devices, that is a huge mark. And compare that with the mere 500,000 Chromebooks sold from the first launch. But to be fair, the prices for the browser in the box device have come down only about four months back and the companies involved have seen some pretty good numbers from that time. But it is still too early to decide.

So coming back to the topic, even though there is only one man heading both the teams now, we may not see a very aggressive merger of the two. We may start seeing subtle flavors of each other in each other. But if the company wants, it would not be too difficult to put Android on Chromebooks as Android already runs the Chrome browser. Anyway, would you like to see the two products come together?

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