Google Aims to Unify Its Messaging Platforms With “Babble”

One of the fragmented services offered by Google is in the messaging department. You have your Google Talk, Google+ Messenger, Google+ Hangouts, Google Voice, and more. All of these services function a little bit differently form the other with only two functioning together namely Google Chat for Gmail and G+.

According to information revealed by Google is about to take the next step by unifying all of their messenger services. The new service which is said to be called Babble will rival the likes of iMessage and BlackBerry Messenger and is said to be built from the ground up.

Google Babble is said to follow the trend of organizing by conversation. Sharing of photos is easy just like what you do in G+ messenger. You will also be able to start out a Hangout with the people in your contact list. The conversations are going to be threaded on all services.

Each of the individual messaging services of Google will be pulled together in one single platform. This means you will be able to use one single chat window across all of the products of Google. This will provide the end user with uniform features they can use for each specific product.

There’s still no timeframe as to when the company will be implementing this change but it is expected that they will make an announcement at this year’s Google I/O.

If this rumor were true then it will be great news for everyone using Google’s products. Right now the messaging service between the various products of the company can be quite frustrating. A single unifying experience is what is needed to easily track conversations and for new users to immediately become familiar with the features.

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