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Goodreads to have closer integration

Goodreads founders

If you love reading, and want to share your experience and what you like and dislike in the books you read with the rest of the world, you would probably have heard of Goodreads, one of the best readers’ community on the internet that I have seen. The website, or the service which is free, gives you almost anything you need about books. When I first started reading a few years ago, I wanted to discover books which I would like, and Goodreads is the place where I landed after some Googling.

Anyway, coming back to the story, the company has been acquired by Amazon now. Yes, that makes another entertainment based company in the long list of companies that Amazon owns. But what will this change now? Well, that is not for sure yet. But we are going to see a massive integration of the Goodreads service with the Amazon Kindle apps on almost all platforms. The Amazon Kindle team had worked a lot for getting ready the Kindle for iPhone app up and running. And it would not waste any time in integrating this great service on all its apps. Tech Crunch writes

Chandler (pictured here with his co-founder and wife Elizabeth) said that Kindle integration has been a popular request among Goodreads users, and Grandinetti said he wants to make it “super easy” to have a social experience on the Kindle device and apps. As for what that will look like, he said, “We prefer to talk about features when we ship.”

Goodreads will be working independently as a subsidiary of Amazon, similar to how IMDB works. And the company will continue to offer all the features and services it has been offering till now without any discomfort to the users of the service. So we have very little to worry about this acquisition (none if you ask me).  I’m just waiting to see what the next Kindle app will look like.

Source: Tech Crunch

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