Gmail Web interface app updated with the same look as the native iOS mobile app

Gmail has been revamped to offer a clean, easy-to-use, uncluttered user interface. The new web app for Gmail is available for iOS. With its new look and feel, many users are opting for Gmail as the preferred email app. In addition to iOS, the new Gmail Mobile Web app is also available for other operating systems including Google’s very own – android platform.

In addition to the layout, the new interface also provides integration with Google Calendar and enhanced search. Like the mobile app version of Gmail, the web interface has also been updated with a fresh new UI look. The new version can be accessed by any device including Amazon’s Kindle Fire, BlackBerry, iOS and android devices. The refurbished look has yet to be available on all devices, even those running the same operating system. It is available for the iPhone but not iPad even though both run iOS. Gmail’s native app release is available in the app store Apple devices.

gmail2Other major updates rolled out by Google include YouTube and Chrome enhancements for iOS web browsing and mobile apps. Field Trip is another app that has been released by Google for Apple’s iPod, iPad and iPhone series.

Users are very happy with Gmail’s new look. Previously, Google tried to pack too much in a small space giving the impression of a small, cramped user interface full of folders and documents. The new look however is very pleasing to the eye with a spaced-out, clean layout that is a pleasure to use similar to the native iOS app.