Gifts Galore as Google Play Celebrates its First Birthday

google playIt’s all systems go as Google invites all their clients to come join in the merry as they celebrate their first birthday. The store was only introduced to us a year ago and you will be amazed by what they have managed to achieve. Google play supplies the Android platform with a great deal of their applications, games, music, movies and even books. It’s simply the destination for all the digital entertainment relating to the Android platform. All these supplies can be enjoyed and shared amongst the different users within the platform. The idea of Google Play came about after the success of their arch rival’s iTunes app store.

Birthdays are always marked with celebrations and gifts. Google has a perfect understanding of this and have taken the initiative to reward all their clients with a number of goodies to mark this event. They are rewarding both the users and their Android devices. Their devices are being rewarded with $ 15 to spend in Fancy which is a “crowd-curated catalog of amazing goods”. The user himself can get gifts ranging from books, movies, games and a 10% off offer on reservation at According to an official statement which was released by Google themselves, the offer is scheduled to continue for the entire week with even more special offers to be availed.

As mentioned above, the Google Play hub was supposed to rival the Apple’s iOS store when it comes to supplying their respective clients with digital appliances for their devices. Currently, iTunes apps store controls a huge chunk of the total market share. As time goes, the trend is expected to shift now that it has been reported that their revenue earning is even 10 times more than their apps. It is believed that by June 2013, Google store will be harboring more than one million applications.

Via Venturebeat