Practical and Effective Ways To Get More Twitter Followers Free

Did you just sign up for an account on Twitter? Or, have you been using it for a while but weren’t able to get a lot of followers?

You’re not the only one. Many Twitter users don’t have that much following because they weren’t actually doing things that may help them get more twitter followers free.

In this post, we will tackle on practical and effective ways to attract other Twitter users to follow and interact with you. But we just have to set proper expectations before we go any further; it may require some efforts and time. If you can’t dedicate 15 to 30 minutes of your time to tweet a 140-character message, then Twitter is not for you. But if you can, continue reading below.

Get More Twitter Followers Free

#1. Upload An Avatar. Many have been underestimating the value of showing their faces on Twitter thinking people who don’t recognize them won’t follow them. Well, that’s the fact but there is a higher percentage of having followed if you are using a good avatar than using the typical Twitter “egg” photo in your profile. A headshot is always a good start.

#2. Enter Your Bio. Take a little time to write an interesting bio or fact about yourself. Tell people what you do or why you’re on Twitter. If users find your tweets helpful and your bio tells you’re an expert in your niche, they will start following you for updates.

#3. Share Useful And Valuable Contents. Content is king on the web so nothing beats sharing valuable contents and articles. Find some authoritative websites to get topics to share or follow users who are always tweeting useful contents and retweet their they messages.

#4. Keep Your Messages Short And Retweetable. You may find many interesting, shareable contents but you really cannot express everything in a 140-character message. So, read the article you find interesting and write a concise yet to the point message and tweet. Make the messages as short as possible (but they should make sense, of course) so others can retweet them add some characters they want.

#5. Post More Often But Don’t Spam. People, especially your followers, want more updates. However, frequency is a big issue on the web but there’s no telling how many posts or how frequent you post them before you will be tagged as “spammer.” The rule of the thumb is, only post messages that are interesting enough and don’t just copy and paste texts. Read articles and summarize them before you post.

#6. Retweet Others Message Publicly. Interact with users you are following to attract other followers and be courteous. Other users who may be looking for followers may follow you because you retweet messages of your followers. There is a mutual benefit in this and that’s what you want others to think to.

#7. Avoid Too Much Promotion. If you have products to promote, you might as well make a separate page for them and just tweet them from time to time or if ever you have the occasion. Avoid promoting too much products because people would think you just joined tweeter to promote them. No one would follow you.

These ways have already been proven effective and that you don’t have to pay for them. All you have to do is dedicate a little time every day to post things you think are interesting enough.

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