GeneRun, a gaming app for the ‘Greater Good’

The immense power of social media and its impact on society has been revealed by the new and increasingly socially responsible themes that apps have fashioned into games. We have seen games modeled on women’s rights and epidemic disease outbreak control where players have to help a young village girl realize her dreams or medical investigators asses and handle disease outbreaks. The newest game to join the “movement” so to speak is an app called GeneRun, designed to run like a traditional game but makes users sort through mutated and normal genes to help scientists identify a cure for cancer. A brilliant concept by Cancer research UK, this has been made possible by social media giants Facebook, Google and Amazon along with a team of 40 hackers, programmers, game testers and cancer research specialists.

gene2Without the power of the end-users, it would take years for scientists to sift through genetic data, identify the cause for gene mutation and come up with a cure. But with millions of users involved in the scientific expedition, a cancer cure can be identified in a fraction of the original time period since the users will be sorting out important data for research staff and students to analyze. The power of social media to save the human race!

The game requires players to identify differences between mutated or cancerous genes and natural genes. GeneRun serves both as a gaming app for players and a research channel for cancer specialists. This fantastic new concept is sure to be a hit among biology enthusiasts in particular. With apps becoming more socially inclined, the world is poised for a revolution of sorts in the medical and social realms that will slowly and steadily expand to new areas for better living.


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