Gaming: Unicorn Apocalypse Now a Real Game

Unicorn ApocalypseThe Unicorn Apocalypse game is now available to Android users in Google play store. Earlier on the game had featured in an Ad and people did not think that there was any possibility of creating a game out of the advertisement. Nevertheless the game is now freely available; it can be downloaded and installed in any Android device.    For those who are into playing games, this game presents you with an opportunity of expanding your portfolio. Since the game has been recently released, one can understand why at the moment it still sits amongst the poorly reviewed games.

What exactly does the game intends to bring? The game promises plenty of fun and entertainment. Just as the name suggests, it involves a Unicorn. You use the unicorn to either cause or prevent the apocalypse. To play the game and earn points, you have to use the killer unicorn’s horn to stab the enemies as you jump around. To spice up the experience, the unicorn is supposed to run across a very fiery rooftop while at the same time avoid the burning flames. In real sense, you will encounter three bosses. Your obligation will be to use your ‘rainbow blast’ to shoot them down. Any unsuccessful attempt made at the bosses leads to your unicorn falling down into the fire pits. People are having difficulties going past the first boss which is rather shocking. The game actually makes it hard for you to figure that one out. The big secret is, you have to tap at the boss before you make any attempt of blasting them down. Interesting huh! Once the boss is successfully immobilized, as a player you earn points and move on to the next level.

The game does not promise to win any accolades but it is worth trying.

Via Phandroid

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